Track Adapter CASAMBI
  • Track Adapter CASAMBI

Track Adapter CASAMBI


Track Adapter CASAMBI

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  • Parameters
    • Commodity name: Track Adapter CASAMBI
    • Commodity ID: R75-4

    Name:SC42W300-1050CG-4 CASAMBI Series:Track Adapter Dimming Type: Bluetooth Dimming range:1%-100 Power:42W Current:300-1050mA Warranty:5 years


    Ripple current:±5%
    Protection type: short circuit/no load/overload
    Protection grade:IP20
    Start-up time:0.5s/230V(full load)
    Operating Temperature:-20~35°C
    Storage Temperature:-40~85°C
    Application:Track light
    Housing Size:250*31*45mm

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