KEGU POWER-Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2024

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On June 9-12, the four-day Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (hereafter referred to as “GILE”) grandly opened at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. KEGU POWER staffs brought a full range of products and various solutions, waiting for customers at booth 3.2,A02, attracting a continuous stream of new and old customers on-site to discuss the functionality and advantages of the products.

 KNX Intelligent System 

The content of this exhibition includes KEGU POWER’s newly launched KNX system concept, which breaks the traditional lighting methods and can help to introduce smarter products into our lives. It is expected that some KEGU POWER KNX products will be launched at next year's GILE. The product features include stability, reliability, rich functionality, flexible scalability, and high cost-effectiveness, which attracted a large number of customers for visiting and discussing.

 Highlight moment 

 KEGU POWER High Efficiency Intrack Adapter DT8 won the National Excellent Product Award at 2024 Alighting Award Ceremony. As the leading product of KEGU POWER Digital Series, the DT8 driver has the following features:

1.Achieved higher power density output and higher energy conversion efficiency. Efficiency of KEGU POWER DT8 Driver is up to 90%.

2.CCT dimmable driver, with adjustable range of 2000-7000K, dimming depth 1%-100%, and function dim-to-off. CLO function allows you to maintain consistent spatial brightness for 1~3 years, or even 5 years.

3.By using the technology of near field communication (NFC), KEGU POWER DT8 Intrack Driver achieved precise current adjustment and free current transformation without repeated disassembly. 

The award is a praise to the effort of KEGU POWR, and also an recognition of the corporate values of "integrity, creativity, and introspection" . In the future, KEGU POWER will command the mission  light up every lamp, illuminate every corner, and continue to create value.

During the exhibition, KEGU POWRE's exhibition hall received unanimous praise from customers and peers. Visitors came one after one and KEGU POWER’s colleagues answered customers' questions patiently. Jinhong Li, the president of KEGU POWER, also came to the site to discuss the industry trends with customers.

KEGU POWER’S promotional posters were everywhere at GILE. As you shuttle through the busy passages, you can see our billboards by simply looking up, inviting you to witness KEGU’s brand strength together!

The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2024 (GILE) closed today. Thank you to all the new and old customers who came during the exhibition, and also thanks colleagues for their hard working!