How to solve the problem of LED dimming power supply

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Now we can find silicon controlled LED dimming power supply has penetrated into a number of fields, whether it is daily management, basic use and maintenance and other aspects, there are corresponding problems. In the past two years, the market competitiveness within the industry has gradually increased, which makes us see the controller equipment there are a lot of management problems, how can we effectively improve it?

LED dimming power supply management problem one: the lack of use and maintenance personnel.

 At this stage, we can see the development of LED dimming power supply equipment market has a fragmented state, it can be said that the overall scale is not uniform. For the installation and construction of such equipment, some people pay attention to the short-term effect, in addition to the management of dimming controllers, the use and maintenance of a large number of streamlined personnel. Under such circumstances, resulting in the industry's maintenance personnel quality is not high, and the lack of talent in this area. Especially for the LED dimming power supply daily overhaul, maintenance, cleaning, if the staff is not proactive and do a good job, then it is easy to make the equipment failure problems.

LED dimming power supply

LED dimming power supply management two: maintenance work

Regardless of what equipment, maintenance link is an important part of the management process, we can find the use of such controllers may be indoors, but also in the outdoors, if the controller running conditions are very poor, and with the dust problem, this time and the need for a long time to run, then the power supply maintenance requirements are correspondingly high. But some users can not do and their own operation time corresponding maintenance measures, which makes the dimming controller equipment appears abnormal wear and tear phenomenon, although the controller performance is intact, but the overall control efficiency is reduced, the service life of the equipment is also shortened a lot.

LED dimming power management three: the solution to the problem of heat dissipation

 To know the LED dimming power supply often long uninterrupted operation, if because of the operating environment or the installation environment of the heat dissipation conditions are not good, it is likely to lead to equipment failure problems. It is recommended that we do a good job in the management of this type of equipment, examine the operating environment whether the need to install a thermal protection system, such a protective device can be in the controller overheating phenomenon, to provide reliable protection.