Name:PR28A1-4 Series:DIN-Rail Power Supply Power:8.4-29.4W Current:200-700mA Warranty:5 years

Name:ER14/ER15/ER16 Series:Slim External 1-10V Dimming Dimming Type:1-10V dimming Dimming range:1%-100% Power:24V:30W/60W/100W/150W/250W 48V: 100W/150W/200W Current:24V:0-10.42A 48V:0-5.21A Warranty:5 years

Name:DR43/44 Series:DALI Dimming Series Dimming mode:DALI Dimming range:1%-100 Power:8-48W Current:200-1200mA Warranty:5 years

Integrated power supply is a power supply designed for intelligent street lights, integrated equipment boxes and other scenes that require a variety of operating voltages, the power supply supports AC/DC input work, the output has a variety of voltage types, such as AC220V (DC240V), DC5V ~ 54V, etc., while each output has power metering and remote switching functions.

KG2021081002 module is a high-voltage switching power supply air-cooled module finely designed by our company based on many years of research and development experience, combined with advanced DSP control technology, and is mainly applied to high-voltage DC power supply system. KG2021081002 module is widely used in the computer system using LCD monitor, providing uninterrupted DC power supply for some important equipments, such as IDC server room, financial system, aerospace control, medical instruments, data management system, etc. with the advantages of high precision of voltage and current stabilization, small ripple coefficient, strong anti-jamming, high reliability, excellent technology, low cost, and so on.

Edge controller is specialized in designing terminal controllers for smart street lights, which is an important hub connecting smart street lights and cloud platforms. Edge controller mainly adopts the technology of edge computing, and on the side close to the sensor, it adopts an open platform integrating network, computing, storage, and application core capabilities to provide proximal services in the vicinity, and its application programs are initiated on the edge side, which generates faster network service response and meets the industry's basic needs in real-time business, application intelligence, security and privacy protection, and so on.
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